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* Carbon Bomb: refers to the threat posed by rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and the imminent ecological disaster of climate change to human civilization; the term is a play on the Cold-War era popular terms 'A-Bomb' and 'H-Bomb'

* Carbon Capture Farming: the process of capturing or 'trapping' carbon dioxide into the soil by planting certain species of wetlands-type plants

* Carbon Democracy: a term coined by London's mayor in May 2007 to mean that all persons, cities and nations should be entitled to certain rights to carbon emissions, however their respective carbon budgets should be dictated by a global carbon emissions cap, or limit, that is agreed on by everyone†/org Buy now

* Carbon Leakage: The phenomenon in which carbon emissions reductions in one country lead to carbon emissions increases in another country

* Carbon Ledger: a record in which carbon negative and positive (fossil fuel) impacts are tracked over time

* Carbon Margin: The 'carbon' dimension of a business's profit margin. A carbon margin comprises profit margins achievable through: energy efficiencies, revenue streams related to carbon credits, 'green' competitiveness, and other ways of managing carbon exposure

* Carbon Origination: a process comprising several stages in which emissions reductions projects are developed or located and nurtured to yield tradable carbon credits. Some of the steps in the origination process include screening, feasibility and additionality tests, due diligence, validation and verification of reduction projects, and securing issuance, and registration, of carbon credits



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